This is the archived site of Bodega Algae, LLC


a company that existed from 2006 to 2012.


Lighting technology capable of distributing light throughout the cultivation tank is at the core of the algae photobioreactor developed by Bodega. The system increases the quantity of light required for efficient algal photosynthesis.

Prior to the introduction of the Bodega photobioreactor, the steep growth curves and exponential doubling rates that make algae so attractive as a feedstock for biofuels presented a challenge to large-scale commercial cultivation. Algal cells along the perimeter of the cultivation volume multiply rapidly, eclipsing light necessary to growth at the center of the volume. The current state of the art cultivation systems are limited to very small cultivation volumes because the light can not penetrate more than five centimeters into a tank at the densities necessary for industrial cultivation.

The proprietary lighting technology developed by Bodega Algae overcomes this problem by delivering solar energy internally within the photobioreactor. The result is a highly efficient photobioreactor capable of delivering large amounts of algal biomass with minimal use of real estate.